Westport Whiskey & Wine

The Tasting Room

At Westport Whiskey & Wine we take a hedonistic approach to how we sell our whiskey, wine, beer and other spirits. This is the place to discover items that are hard-to-find and those you’ll come to appreciate as day-to-day favorites. In The Tasting Room we offer you the opportunity to taste, learn, and explore at one of our many tastings with winemakers, master distillers, and others like you who take pleasure in the little treasures we have in our store.

Beginning Wednesday, September 2, 2020, we will be open Wednesday through Friday, 4 to 8 PM and Saturday’s Noon to 6 PM.

On Thursdays we’ll be hosting our Thursday Night Social (TNS) and will have special cocktails and promote Flights of the Week (see below). We have a maximum capacity of 15 people, with mask requirements and proper social distancing.

September 3rd
It’s “Thurby” at Westport Whiskey & Wine, join Timothy for Mint Juleps and some good times, all while social distancing of course.

FOTW (Flight of the Week):
Normally $50 Now $22
Woodford Reserve Masters Collection featuring:
American Oak
Straight Malt
Classic Malt
Batch Proof

September 10th
It’s the end of the world…year as we know it and we’re feeling fine and since the only kind of walking dead you’d want to deal with comes in a glass. Join Timothy for Zombiesa fabulous bright and fruity tiki cocktail. Timothy will even throw in a little umbrella.

Normally $70 Now $35
Featuring Four Gate Distilling Co:
Split Stave
Kelvin Collaboration 2
Kelvin Rye
Outer Loop

September 17th
Let’s celebrate some bourbon history with flights and Old Fashioneds made with bourbon from some of the oldest distillery’s featuring Jim Beam, Old Forester, Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill. With over 600 years of rich history you’re sure to find something you like.  

Normally $10 Now $5
Featuring Legacy Distillers:
Jim Beam White label 
Old Forester 86
Buffalo Trace
Heaven Hill Gold Label 

September 24th
We’ll be closing out this month by featuring some single barrels we’re crazy about and a cocktail to go with it. For this week’s TNS, Timothy will be using our Knob Creek Rye Single Barrel to make Man O’Wars. 

Normally $22  Now $12
Single barrels featuring:
Jack Daniel’s
Henry McKenna 10 year, Bottled-in-Bond
Our WW&W single barrel of choice