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Here are a few of our favorites on our shelves right now.

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The Tasting Room

We remodeled this space to become a more warm and inviting part of our store that allows you to truly experience the hedonistic approach to buying wine and spirits. Whether it be during one of our many events or just on a day you stop in looking to try something new, you’ll be able to have a one-on-one experience with your drink of choice and our staff.

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WW&W Selections

Westport Whiskey & Wine’s “house” style relies on great aromatics, from fruit, cream, vanilla and wood spices. The flavor is rich, lush and not astringent. It may be robust and warm, but never harsh. When splashed the flavors should open up all the more. We believe that the selections below truly represent our house style, and great values, too.

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Buy A Barrel

The private barrel selection process is a truely unique experience. You have the opportunity to sample from multiple barrels, challenge your senses and discover the perfect barrel for you. This barrel will be one-of-a-kind. Your barrel will be processed, bottled and made available at WW&W based on the distillery’s production schedule.

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90 pts under $25 Wine

Just what qualifies for a wine selection on the 90 points or higher under $25? Well the wine would have to have a review from a credible source, such as the Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Advocate or Vinous. These publications take care to have reviewers who are well-trained in tasting wines across the world.

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Restaurant Dinners

Tastings do not always take place in our tasting room. Sometimes we take our tastings on the road. We work with local restaurant partners to bring some great tastings to the market. At each restaurant tasting we provide the opportunity to order the products tasted that evening at special pricing, from one bottle to multiple cases.

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Private Events

Our Tasting Room seats 24 people comfortably in a classroom style setting. 30-40 can be accomodated in a freestyle setting. Special pricing will be made avaialble to guests that evening. Light snacks may be provided or appetizers arranged from Westport Village restaurants for an additional charge.