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Return Policy

At Westport Whiskey & Wine we stand behind the products that we sell and we know that every once in a while there may be a reason to return a purchase. So below outlines the types of returns and the procedures to complete a return.


Spoiled or Bad product: Bring back the affected bottle. If you have a receipt great, we can simply do a refund or exchange. If not we will gladly replace with a fresh bottle of the same product. If we do not have the same product any more, we will exchange for a similarly priced product.


Oops, I made a mistake or any other reason: With a receipt, we will gladly issue a refund as long as the product has not been opened and it is not a discontinued product. Without a receipt and the product unopened and it is not a discontinued product, we will exchange for similar priced product or offer a gift card for the SALE PRICE of the product returned.


Any other returns not outlined above will be up to the discretion of the Manager.


Thank you for your patience and understanding and for shopping at Westport Whiskey & Wine.