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WW&W Selections

Some would say that selecting a barrel of bourbon is all fun. It is a very enjoyable experience. Going to a barrel warehouse with a master distiller to thief a barrel is a true sensory experience. Even sitting with a group with samples pulled from barrels from a distillery too far away to drive, is a great way to learn about what styles each barrel represents. Not all barrel samples are a taste treat. Finding a barrel that sings is a wonderful way to pick a barrel. And thus, the challenge is finding the barrel that we feel represents our “house” style and is atypical when compared to the commercial versions selected by the master distillers.


Westport Whiskey & Wine’s “house” style relies on great aromatics, from fruit, cream, vanilla and wood spices. The flavor is rich, lush and not astringent. It may be robust and warm, but never harsh. When splashed the flavors should open-up all the more. We believe that the selections below truly represent our house style, and great values, too.



MB Roland, Rye Whiskey, WW&W Selection, 107.4 proof, 750ml, $47.99

Wonderfully spicy, rye aromas great the nose with a sweetness that invites a taste.  It is at once sweet & spicy.  There is a great bold flavor that has a long, warm finish.  Enjoy with a cube or two to subdue the barrel proof or enjoy it in a Manhattan.


MB Roland, Corn Whiskey, WW&W Selection, 112.8 proof, 750ml, $61.99

Corn whiskey is truly an American original, considering that long before there was Bourbon, early pioneers and farmers “wintered” their corn crops by distilling.  This particular offering is 95% corn & 5% malted barley, aged at over 4 years.  The aroma of buttered popcorn is inviting and characteristic of a corn whiskey.  It enters sweet with a nicely balanced mid-palate and it has a lovely, clean finish.  This sips nicely, neat and it can be the base of some fun cocktails, too.


Barker’s Mill, Bourbon, WW&W Selection, 100 proof, 750ml, $54.99

This is a bourbon brand from MB Roland.  It has a lovely caramel aroma with notes of toffee. The taste is round and sweet, with a spicy, toasted oak finish.  While this will drink well straight, we find that over ice or in an Old Fashion, this bourbon excels.


Knob Creek, Rye, WW&W Selection, 10yr, 115 proof, 750ml, $66.99

The good folks at Beam decided that Knob Creek Ry selections would be from barrels that are at least 7 years old.  And we are glad they did.  This barrel ended up be full 10 years old.  It is a big, bold glass of rye.  Full of toffee with a sweet herbal note in the aroma. The taste is big, spicy, rye forward.  It is round, rich and mouth-filling, with a warm Kentucky Hug on the finish.


Huber's Starlight Distillery, Bourbon, WW&W Selection, 108.2 proof, 750ml, $61.99

The aroma of buttery popcorn jumps out and grabs your attention.  There are hints of spice & red fruit, too.  The entry is sweet, vanilla forward, with an oily, viscous mouthfeel.   This is a long, lingering bourbon with a clean, yet, memorable finish.


Angel’s Envy, Bourbon, Single Barrel SB-370C, WW&W Selection, 110 proof, 750ml, $110

We were so excited that Angel’s Envy had decided to offer Single Barrel selections that we jumped at the first available date.  After tasting through 6 barrels, we arrived at what we thought was a wonderful bourbon and we hope that you agree.  The aromas were filled with bright fruit and a pecan pie sweetness.  When tasted the initial response was, YUMMY!  That translated to sweet cream, toasty, nutty, mouth-filling lushness that finishes long warm and well-balanced.  


Yellowstone, Single Barrel Bourbon, WW&W Selection, 109 proof, 750ml, $71.99

We just love to pick a Yellowstone barrel, as the options of tasting the same barrel at three different proofs is a great experience. At 102 it was nice.  At 115 it became very woody and lost its aroma. But at 109 it blossomed.  It is creamy with gentle hints of butterscotch, sweet with a rich middle and a spicy, toasty finish.  YUMMMMMMM!  


WhistlePig, 10yr, Single Barrel Rye, Barrel # 89583, WW&W Selection, 106.2 proof, 750ml, $106

This is the second of two barrels picked at WhistlePig Farms in April 2022, and much sweeter and lighter than its sister.  Cypress and cinnamon candy overlay subtle butterscotch on the nose.  Baking spices are rich on the palate with gingerbread and honey dominating a long finish.


Rebel Cask Strength, Single Barrel Bourbon, Barrel # 7654711, WW&W Selection, 120 proof, 750ml, $61.99

This is a lovely wheated bourbon.  The aroma has a certain nuttiness and fruit that is perfect for this time of year.  Think bourbon soaked fruit cake. The tasted is bold, spicy, toasty with a long creaminess that lingers.  This is one to savor on a cold night.


WhistlePig, 10yr, Single Barrel Rye, Barrel # 133256, WW&W Selection, 106.2 proof, 750ml, $106

Selected at WhistlePig Farms in April 2022, this barrel bursts with sweet green notes; spearmint, fennel, and a hint of caraway. The palate is round and full red fruit and wood spice. The lingering finish is moderately drying with plenty of cinnamon. Perfect for cool weather sipping!


Maker's Mark, Private Selection Bourbon, WW&W Selection, Our 15th, 107.8 proof, 750ml, $76.99 

Having selected, now our 15th Maker’s Private Selection, it is becoming a bit more challenging finding a new profile. This was our 7th combination (we have never gone more than 4) and we new as soon as we tasted it that we were done. Adding 5 of the newer French Mondiant staves was a bold move. The result is a big chewy whiskey, filled with caramel and spice in the aroma that carries through to the taste. Caramel, toffee, sweet & spicy it reminded me of the old candy Sugar Babies. It holds, long, warm and enjoyable.


291 Barrel Proof Rye, Single Barrel #41314, WW&W Selection, 130.1 proof, 750ml, $116

An amazingly different barrel from the others we had selected.  This one stood out immediately.  It is fruity, spicy with toasted oak notes on the nose.  It is spicy, big, viscous, mouth-filling with pepper notes and long enjoyable finish.


Smooth Ambler, Old Scout Bourbon, 6yr, WW&W Single Barrel #235486, 108 proof, 750ml, $57.99

Aged 6yrs, this is a truly tasty selection.  The aromas of brown sugar, toffee are laced with spiciness that is enticing.  The brown sugar carries through on the initial taste that opens up to a complex, layered texture of toasted oak, pepper and smoky barrel.  The finish is warm and comforting.   Enjoy!


291 Barrel Proof Bourbon, Single Barrel #70121, WW&W Selection, 127.6 proof, 750ml, $116

A lovely deep dark color that expresses its bourbon character with a wonderful toffee and caramel aroma.  It is sweet with elements of crème brulé, caramelized sugars, baking spices, custard all laced with a toasty wood taste that lingers warm and long.


Buzzard’s Roost, Bourbon, WW&W Single Barrel #21-5202, 5 yr, 111.7 proof, 750ml, $89.99

This is our second single barrel of bourbon from Buzzard’s Roost.  This selection is a full 5 years old and weighs in at 111.7 proof.  This is a 21% rye mashbill and it yielded aromas of vanilla custard with fruity, toasted oak aromas. The entry was fruity, slightly sweet that got spicier and has a long warm finish.


Oak & Eden, In-Bottle Finished, Wheat & Spire Single Barrel Bourbon, WW&W Selection, 116 proof, 750ml, $58.99

Oak & Eden’s unique approach of finishing the whiskey in bottle with oak spiral inserted has shown that they are on to something special.  We selected a bourbon with French Oak, Medium Toast spiral and the resulting whiskey proved to be rather tasty.  Aromas of red fruit with baking spices, think warm cherry crisp, show some complexity.  The taste is sweet with vanilla notes giving way to the classic baking spices.  There is a bit of wood tannin and long warm, peppery finish.


Peerless, Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Single Barrel # R170103106, WW&W Selection #3, 111.3 proof, 750ml, $91.99

Wonderful aromas of toffee & caramel with hints of mint.  Initial tastes of sweet caramel give way to a nicely balanced mouthfeel, yielding a long memorable finish.


New Riff, Rye, Single Barrel #8753, WW&W Selection, 108 proof, 4 years old, 750ml, $61.99

At long last New Riff has released their Rye as a single barrel selection.  We jumped on this right away as we knew that this would be something special, and we hope that you, like we did, find it worth the wait.  This a complex Rye with a nuttiness in the nose laced with a green wood note, at once sweet, yet with lots of spice.  It enters big and bold.  The nuttiness carries through on the taste as this gets big and chewy.  This reminds me of butter pecan on the long and lovely finish. Very tasty!


291 Barrel Proof Rye, R20041315 WW&W Selection, 131.4 proof, 750ml, $116

A bright and aromatic glass of whiskey. The nose hits you immediately with familiar bright rye and herbal notes. The entry is a bold spiciness that grabs you right at the front. The whiskey then transitions to bright green notes. The finish on this whiskey is long and sweet.



Selected and greatly anticipated:

Knob Creek Bourbon

WL Weller Full Proof

Eagle Rare Bourbon

Russell's Reserve Bourbon

Kentucky Spirit Bourbon